Thursday, January 17, 2013

warby parker

today i have some spectacle matters to discuss with you. meet the fabulous warby parker. tada! i have been wanting a new pair of glasses since i stepped on the last pair i owned about 3 months ago now & since then have been forced into wearing an old pair from about the 10th grade. i love knowing that when i purchase a pair of glasses from WP not only am i helping my own eyes, but a pair of eyes less fortunate than mine, too. the program is called buy a pair, give a pair & you can watch all sorts of videos of people they have helped here! they also offer sunglasses (with or without prescription). 

the box pictured above is what i received tuesday shortly after placing my home try-on order monday afternoon - they were speedy quick!  basically, you can try up to 5 different frames (with non-prescription lenses) for 5 days in the comfort of your own home through their home try-on program absolutely free! i have used the virtual glasses try-on by uploading a picture of myself to the site and so on through different sites before, but nothing compares to testing them out in person. it has been fabulous & hilarious to model each pair for my family. 

thanks warby parker, keep up the good work! 
p.s. i have not yet decided, but #1 & #2 are my favorites.


  1. Hello! I just so happened to stumble upon your blog from Story of my Life (Jenni). I love your photos and your blog is adorable :) I'm so excited to start following you!

    Wait, er - that sounds stalkerish. But I you know what I mean. lol

    1. Awwww so sweet!!! Thanks Lindsay i'm heading over to your blog now too :) glad you stopped by! and love that jenni! i'm excited to start following you too in a non-stalker way haha