Monday, January 7, 2013

Lee's Graduation

[Lee proudly walked around the dome in his graduation gear/ crappy iphone pic]
this post is basically a month late, but i now have a graduate on my hands folks. he started his big boy job today with the family construction company. the night of his graduation our football team had their semi-final playoff game & soo directly following the ceremony we headed to the dome for a WIN by the bison. i assumed they won because of Lee's smashing outfit - he wore his graduation cap & gown to the game ha. anyways the Bison ended up winning their second straight national championship this past Saturday as a D1 school at the FCS level (basically we don't do bowl games, it's tournament style play). i start my internship with Boulay (an accounting firm in the cities) on Monday the 21st. i will be working one full "busy" season with them preparing all sorts of tax returns. prayers as we both enter this new realm of adult life would be greatly appreciated. 

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