Wednesday, January 16, 2013

First Walleye of 2013

i am most definitely this boy's good luck charm/fishing partner from h-e- double hockey sticks ha. he had fished 
at least 3 times for these bad boys prior to our excursion and caught nothing but little unmentionable fish. now 
we know for certain that as soon as i touch the ice it turns magical. onto the nightmarish fishing partner part... 
so on the way out i forced lee to pull over as i balled like a little baby having the worst temper tantrum ever over driving
 on top of the ice.  i have gone out on the ice with him many times before, but very rarely do we have to drive. there was some 
crazy anxiety going on inside my body that day. i repeatedly said shouted to him "i do not want to die drowning lee." 
"stop this car, i do not like this" and one mean one in the form of "i do not like you lee" when he wanted me to 
face my fears as he kept on driving to which i then replied with louder more hysterical cries and finally he pulled over. 
i'm not kidding about the temper tantrum thing, lee wished he had been filming. we'd be rich! it's a new phase i'm 
going through. we fished away my fear for 3 hours as i prayed to God for time to pass quickly and obese people to stay 
away, then drove back off of the ice and i lived. seriously i am a freak. lee was very sweet about the whole ordeal once 
i calmed down and even let me use one of his fishing poles.

 *the ice was 16 inches thick which was plenty to be driving on (lee whipped out the measuring tape just for me). 
if the ice were not safe we would not have been anywhere near it and my tantrum would have been worthwhile. 

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