Monday, April 30, 2012

Kissing Fish

since the beginning of our times on the water together we i have kissed almost all of our fish. it all started out as my way of having some fun with the fish before we plopped them back into the waters. it has now turned into some sort of tradition...if you can call it that? Lee, whether he likes it or not is somewhat voluntarily forced into getting his kissy face on for a little photo action. now look at our beautiful collection. 
& thankfully for lee...there are plenty more fish to kiss. 

Saturday, April 21, 2012

A Wedding

yesterday, Lee & i were lucky enough to be a part of our sweet friends, Andy & Andrea's special day of love. oh how i love weddings & dressing up all fancy & love.. sweet Godly love. Lee and Andy have been pals/buddies/friends since they were tiny & have caught many a fish together...hmm i wonder why they're friends? Andy also happened to live right down the road from me, but not anymore...

the weather couldn't have been more perfect for a Minnesota April day. the ceremony was beautiful and a great reminder that love comes from above. we are sooo happy for the two of them...Mr. & Mrs. Gothe congratulations and thanks for a fabulous wedding...we look forward to many more outings with the two of you.

i have always felt blessed by Lee's friendships...for each man brings along a lovely girlfriend, wife, or fiance for ME to hang with. we love our friends & and had a ball boogying down on that dance floor with all of them. Lee was a handsome boy in his tux and ended up catching the garter...moments later i caught the bouquet...holy camoly..we had some good laughs about that one. someday, when the time is right we will be the married ones, but for now we'll leave it to these two.
                                                                                              smile :)                                                                                                               

*UPDATE// Catching that bouquet & garter really worked for the two of us ;) we're getting married!!!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

hi my name is ali & i rock @ turkey hunting

what a saturday Lee & i had. holy cow. I KILLED MY FIRST TURKEY.

we were after them once last year for 3 days straight.

early mornings.
cold noses.
no turkeys. 
crying ali's so sad i wasn't able to get one.

but all that has changed.

once again, 4:45 AM rolled around...did you hear me people AM, that's stinkin' early.. & i was actually quite chipper. we ate 350 calories worth of blueberry muffins, Lee had his coffee (me not so much), & off we went. 

a snippet from Lee:

The night before the hunt was quite gloomy and rainy, but that didn't stop us from attempting to put a big longbeard to sleep. After one faint gobble sounded off through the trees next to the edge of a field our spirits were lifted as anticipation grew for the morning to come. My mind instantly scrambled all of the possible options as to where we would hide the blind along with placing the decoys. Weather Channel called for sun, no wind, and a 90 % chance of FANtastic turkey action. 

so off i trudged in my new $25 wal-mart special, but dang nice hunting boots Lee so lovingly purchased for me. thanks Lee. the next boots on my list are Uggs sir ;) it was a sloppy walk through the mud the rain created for us, i kept up with lee pretty well (he is a speed demon). 

he set up the blind and camoflauged us in moving branches and other wilderness items to hide us. we watched the sun rise (don't get to see that very often) and soon after had 4 young jakes about 10 feet in front of our faces. Dictionary--> jakes are a first year, male turkey. i was freaking. i wanted to scream and laugh so bad, but knew 1) they would run away & 2) that Lee wouldn't be too happy with me so i held it in as best i could. it didn't feel like real life. they were so close. that was the closest i had been to a turkey yet, but it was stinky because they were not what we were after. now i am so glad we held out, but at the time i was sad and a bit mad i didn't get to shoot something right there-ahhh.

once the jakes arrived they stayed for FOREVER. Lee stated that we were being held captive & really we were. they circled the blind & would not leave us alone. i enjoyed seeing them, but knowing i couldn't shoot was irritating. they were finally distracted by a trotting hen across the field. Dictionary--> hens are female turkeys. thank you hen.

we moved to one more spot before arriving at the one God had perfectly planned for my first turkey. silly God why did you have to make us move so many times?! because in the end his plan is more perfect than any of ours that's why. 

back to turkey mode...we were situated next to the Red River in Fargo where normally we are seen catching cat fish, not this day (but later that night where we caught nothing..okay one tiny one.. and played i-spy in the boat all night). Lee ended up calling another stinkin' jake across the river it flew over & my heart was just a beating because at this point in the day we were maybe possibly probably going to shoot a jake because i wanted to "get one" so bad. there were two others across the river too smart to come over and join their little friend & all of a sudden the jake started to make these little chirps. i was not by lee, but in a tree about 10 ft away and during the chirps i was like oh yes he's making noises this has to be a good thing & now lee tells me that was his way of saying to the others something is up over here fellas... boooo.

A snippet from Lee:

During my calls to the 3 visible to us we heard a very faint gobble off in the distance about a mile or so. We did not expect him to show up, but heard his gobbles continually getting closer and closer. After the jake flew back across & tattled on us I told Ali that we were going to find the "mystery gobbler". Well, the "mystery gobbler" found us.

as we were just getting up to head in his direction we heard a loud & very near to us gobble forcing us to scramble our way to two new trees, i was once again on my own away from Lee eeeek. it didn't take more than a minute or two for him to appear in the midst of the woods all fanned out. he was truly a beautiful little/big turkey. he strutted his stuff all the way down to the decoy without much of a "fuss" as i explained to lee. Dictionary--> it didn't take him long to get his butt down to the decoy.

there we were face to face. about 13 yards separated me from that turkey. i was a nervous wreck especially since lee wasn't there for guidance on when to shoot. i had to choose myself. & it was perfect. & i screamed & yelled i did it...we did it...i'm your girlfriend and i ROCK at turkey hunting. 


Monday, April 2, 2012

Catfishin' the Red

Catfishin' the Red River from Ali Petrich on Vimeo.

This past weekend Lee & I were able to spend 
some quality time together fishin' the dirty 
brown waters of the Red River up here in Fargo. 
I am turning into quite the professional 
catfish holder. This was the first time I held 
them whiskers without crying.
Lee was a proud boyfriend.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Key Largo, why don't we go to Duck Key, Florida

My double spring break is over and done, but boy was it a whole bunch of fun (oh yeah that rhymed). I have always been blessed beyond words by the Carlson family who invited me along as their second daughter for a vaca in the sun. They like to speak in accents, perform the "churn the butter" dance move, & don't mind that i require dipping sauces at every meal. Ketchup me please. Needless to say we get along quite well and i am so very thankful for the week we were able to spend together speaking in accents, churning the butter, & eating burgers with ketchup. Taylor has been one of my bestest buddies since kindergarten and is the lovely photographer of the camo & couture pictures of Lee & i. She blogs right over here! We are blog buddies and hope to put each of our artsy brains for blogging and all things design together down the road in some way or another. eeeeek. Her heart and complete trust in the Lord is big time inspiring. It's so very true that we are drawn to those who shine for Christ. She is my DSLR camera mentor & is a big reason these pictures turned out so wonderfully. Thank you all for a fabulously fun week in the sun staring at the bluest most tropical water i've ever seen. Seriously though for Florida this stuff was quite teal. 
smile :)