Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Vegas Vacation


[ny ny - we rode that coaster!]

[after the rollercoaster hair excitement]

[where the show Pawn Stars is filmed]

[we love us some Kardashian sisters]

[Bellagio fountains]

[Shimmery McDonald's, Volcano at Mirage, Paris]

[View from our condo]
[check out our ride!]
[animal remains in the desert]
[piggy back children]

[a favorite photo of my mama and i]

[cactus land]
[mr. hoover dam himself]

[can you spot the eagle shape in the rock?]


[about to fall off]

[Christmas day in Mesquite]

[this is how we would find the girls after we were in the only 21 year old areas of the hotels ;) poor things]

 Picture overload today. Phew. What a fabulous vacation. One of the best parts was the fact that jackets were not 
needed (except for up on top of the Grand Canyon), which felt pretty darn good coming from below zero bundled
 up eskimo like temperatures. Seeing palm trees & mountains together at the same time out the window
 each morning was beautifully wonderful. We were also able to view & touch our first cactus without
 injury. Andie even bought a miniature one to take home with her. On a final note, the Las Vegas airport at this
 point in my travels holds the # 1 ranking for fun and excitement while waiting for your plane. They have slot 
machines galore people! Heck, I wouldn't even mind a 6 hour delay. Can you say addicted? ;) 

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