Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Tuesday Ten: To Buy

Here are 10 items on my “once the wedding is over & I can spend money on this sort of thing” wish list. 
As you can see, like usual I am planning one step into the future and pinning home décor like crazy. 
I just can’t fight it though…bedspreads, rugs, & kitchenware excite this girl so very much!


Monday, June 10, 2013

a day on the water

last sunday lee & i spent the day on Mille Lacs catching fish after fish after fish. we just couldn't keep them away - darn! lee did most of the catching because nearly all of mine weren't technically caught and fell off taking the minnow & all (mean fish - you don't get my minnow if i don't get to hold you for a picture) about a foot away from the boat. you should have heard me when that happened... stomping my feet and whining like a child. i need to work on the whole setting the hook thing. it's hard for me though... i get so excited when I feel them on the line that I begin reeling before they are fully "hooked". patience little miss ali. 

we sang our hearts out to Celine Dion Pandora, ate one too many peach rings, watched muskies lurk inches below the water, got our tan/burn on, & thoroughly soaked in this beautiful land of 10,000 lakes that we are fortunate enough to call home. 

thanks for being my guide both on the water & in life L. you are the best hook setter there ever was.