Saturday, May 12, 2012

summer to do's

our summer officially began yesterday & boy does it feel good. here are a few items i hope to accomplish in the coming months. what is it that you've been yearning to do?!

1. Go on a bike riding picnic - basket and all.
2. Wear sunscreen.
3. Shoot a carp bow-fishing.
4. Learn more about my DSLR camera & photoshop.
5. Spend quality time with my sisters, mom, & dad we're all growing up so fast.
6. Enjoy being a bridesmaid (twice eek) & attending the many weddings we've been invited to.
7. Save my $$$.
8. Refrain from social media.
9. Put to use some of the beautiful pins I so readily pinned during the school year. Duh pinning.
10. Sleep out under the stars.


  1. Back pack through the boundry waters!
    Lazy river.
    Drive in movie.
    Beach volleyball.

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  3. i was going to add drive in movie! let's go together :)