Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Doily Shorts Makeover DIY

Hollister jeans cut into shorts from the 9th grade people - ripped & ragged

My doily's are from JoAnn fabrics, I used the off white color & bought matching thread.

Those things your grandmother once used to 
beautify the table - yep they are sitting inside of your 
shorts looking fabulous. FYI, these shorts had the most gigantic rip up 
the side, which required a large piece of doily. Normally I would 
do both sides with smaller slits, but something needed to cover 
my bare leg.
Now go make your shorts pretty! 


  1. what a DARLING blog, ali! i LOVE it! it's so chic. found you via the blog hop xo

    1. thanks so much for stopping by lissa! i am your newest follower also :) xo

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