Tuesday, May 8, 2012

DIY wire heart ring

seriously you guys, i whipped this bad boy up in less than 5 minutes. SO EASY. the only ingredient you need is wire. mine is from hobby lobby and it's just basic crafting wire nothing too fancy. i will let you know how tarnishing goes and if it's one of those that turn your finger blue. that's the worst. 

*you may also want to use a pliers instead of your hands, but i do not yet own a pliers (shame on me being a carpenter's daughter) i just suffered through the poky wirey pain.

1. depending on how big or small you want the heart to lay on your finger make a sort of S shape on the end of your wire (this forms the heart)

2. basically another view of step 1, starting to pull the center U of the heart together

3. squeeze the heart together both outside edges & the inner U discussed in step 2

4. your heart should look somewhat like this, i just let the end touch the other, but you could twist & wrap (pliers required for that part)

5. wrap the "ring" part around a pen or highlighter in my case or anything close in resemblance to your finger size to begin to mold & shape the circle

6. wrap that same part around your finger to test the size & form to your exact finger shape

7. cut the extra wire using a cutting device, in my case a scissors worked

8. you may twist the straight end into any design or loop that you would like, for now mine is plain & simple

it's as easy as bending wire. 

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