Tuesday, May 29, 2012

A Rainy Memorial Weekend

Just a few pictures of fish, lilly pads, lures, & my fisher boy from our weekend at the lake. You might be wondering why Lee is not pictured with any fish? Well, that is because he did not catch any worthy of pictures, sad face. We caught plenty of bass, but none were really all that gigantic. Still, that adrenaline rush when your lure has finally been swallowed after
all those casts will be the greatest feeling no matter the size in the end. 

Every fish feels giant to me. Me: that ones big Lee, Lee: no not really. Basically I wanted them to be big so that he would allow me to take a picture, but nope. Darn it. Bass will always be my favorites to catch. They're such little acrobats jumping out of the water. 

Lastly, a thought provoking conversation we had in the boat one night was about midget fish and if some of the small ones we were catching were really 28 year old grandpa fish. How do we know? Are there midget fish? I am about to google away and get to the bottom of this. 


  1. are you touching the fish?
    are you KISSING the fish?
    giirl. you are every boy's dream. (including my hubs...ha)


    1. you are so funny! hahaha laughing, i've learned to appreciate a good fish kiss :) xo