Wednesday, July 31, 2013

The First AND Second Muskies of my Life

[this was the first one i've ever seen so up close and personal & even had the privilege of netting for lee]
[the happy first muskie of my life picture!!!]

Since the first summer I started dating Lee, we have been after muskies together & until the other night been muskie-less. Clarification: he's caught plenty, but never once have I been with as net girl or caught one of my own. Though I love fishing with Lee, I wimp out on him and the fish quite easily and usually resort to reading a book or flipping through Pinterest to take away the pain of not seeing any fish. With muskies I become even more of a wimp 1/ because the lures are large and so heavy to cast and 2/ because they are a hard species of fish to come by and since (until this past weekend) I had never experienced the thrill of catching one I usually have no desire to continue casting when my arm is about to fall off. Now I know the feeling & maybe just maybe it will help me to be less of a wimpy fisher-girl next time ;) 

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