Thursday, July 18, 2013

We Heart Auctions

About a month ago, Lee & I attended our very first auction and now we are officially addicted!! It was the greatest way to spend a rainy sunday afternoon - surrounded by a bunch of hill billy red-necks fighting for the oddest of treasures. We ended up winning 55 antique blue ball mason jars for our wedding centerpieces & the desk pictured above. We beat an old lady in the bidding war and got it for $20. I sanded it down and stained it with Minwax's "Jacobean" color. The hardest part was choosing the stain color and wondering just how it would react with the wood of the desk, but I am so pleased with the results! I added a fun drawer pull & Lee painted a layer of polyurethane over the surface so that it looks and feels like a brand new desk. After we finished I said to Lee, "this will be the desk I study for the CPA exam on next year... exciting!" Everybody needs a cute desk to study accounting on right?! 


  1. love this desk! and so much fun how you got it! :)

    1. thanks so much Jessi! makes the desk all the more fun when you created the darn thing :)

  2. It turned out so good, Al! I love it!

  3. It turned out so good, Al! I love it!