Tuesday, September 3, 2013

MN State Fair 2013

A very unexpected highlight of our summer was making it on our favorite news channel, KARE 11's live broadcast during the MN state fair. Lee & I were first time fair goers and were chosen to sit in the "best seats in the barn" by Julie and Randy because 1) it was my birthday the day before and 2) I am a big mouth - poor lee. We were interviewed and the whole sha-bang and given all of the fair food from the segment to taste test...mini donut beer & chocolate covered cheese curds - both very interesting and something we would never have tried that night had it not been FREE! Thank you, KARE 11 for making our first trip to the fair a tough one to beat ;) 

[we can be seen looking all awkward & such at the 1:40 mark in the above video of KARE 11's favorite fair moments 2013]

[Julie Nelson, one of my favorite news anchors - seeing her in person was the absolute best!]

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