Saturday, April 21, 2012

A Wedding

yesterday, Lee & i were lucky enough to be a part of our sweet friends, Andy & Andrea's special day of love. oh how i love weddings & dressing up all fancy & love.. sweet Godly love. Lee and Andy have been pals/buddies/friends since they were tiny & have caught many a fish together...hmm i wonder why they're friends? Andy also happened to live right down the road from me, but not anymore...

the weather couldn't have been more perfect for a Minnesota April day. the ceremony was beautiful and a great reminder that love comes from above. we are sooo happy for the two of them...Mr. & Mrs. Gothe congratulations and thanks for a fabulous wedding...we look forward to many more outings with the two of you.

i have always felt blessed by Lee's friendships...for each man brings along a lovely girlfriend, wife, or fiance for ME to hang with. we love our friends & and had a ball boogying down on that dance floor with all of them. Lee was a handsome boy in his tux and ended up catching the garter...moments later i caught the bouquet...holy camoly..we had some good laughs about that one. someday, when the time is right we will be the married ones, but for now we'll leave it to these two.
                                                                                              smile :)                                                                                                               

*UPDATE// Catching that bouquet & garter really worked for the two of us ;) we're getting married!!!

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