Sunday, April 1, 2012

Key Largo, why don't we go to Duck Key, Florida

My double spring break is over and done, but boy was it a whole bunch of fun (oh yeah that rhymed). I have always been blessed beyond words by the Carlson family who invited me along as their second daughter for a vaca in the sun. They like to speak in accents, perform the "churn the butter" dance move, & don't mind that i require dipping sauces at every meal. Ketchup me please. Needless to say we get along quite well and i am so very thankful for the week we were able to spend together speaking in accents, churning the butter, & eating burgers with ketchup. Taylor has been one of my bestest buddies since kindergarten and is the lovely photographer of the camo & couture pictures of Lee & i. She blogs right over here! We are blog buddies and hope to put each of our artsy brains for blogging and all things design together down the road in some way or another. eeeeek. Her heart and complete trust in the Lord is big time inspiring. It's so very true that we are drawn to those who shine for Christ. She is my DSLR camera mentor & is a big reason these pictures turned out so wonderfully. Thank you all for a fabulously fun week in the sun staring at the bluest most tropical water i've ever seen. Seriously though for Florida this stuff was quite teal. 
smile :) 


  1. Your pictures turned out beautifully Al! Proud of your editing skills :) Love you sho much!

  2. Beautiful pictures Ali! I love your blog! Very nice work!

  3. Thanks both of you!! Em we need to figure out a way to get pictures to you and the girls from our cameras, maybe email? We miss you!! and the sunshine