Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Wedding Wednesday: Dress Inspiration

Woo hoo we're getting married, which means that I can finally begin my very own series of "Wedding Wednesday" posts I've seen on many other blogs sharing ideas, inspiration, & DIY projects as we count down the months to the big day.  

I am happy to announce that just a few short days after the engagement...I said YES to the dress!!! That's right, picky ole' Ali found a dress at the first store! And not to mention it was also the first dress I tried on. I went in knowing that I wanted lace, a tighter fitting, something with shoulders, & off-white in color, which made the selecting process quite easy. We walked out with something so perfect. Eeeek! I want to share it on this here space so badly, but am going to try my very best to refrain & save it for the big day. I think one of the toughest things is going to be holding back from showing Lee. I am the absolute worst with surprises. Say a prayer for me people. 

For today though I will tease you with three beautiful dresses I had pinned before the engagement & inform you that it's somewhat similar in a few ways to two of them, but nothing like the other. Which ones though you ask? You will just have to wait & see! 

Was your dress shopping experience as smooth as mine?! I would love to hear your story...




  1. Wow! I'm impressed. Are you guys getting married soon then? I am afraid of having dress regret if I get mine before the "year" mark of my wedding.

    1. haha it did happen very fast which scared me a bit and made me sad that the process of finding "the one" was all over, but i am so happy with my decision that it doesn't matter. i'm that type of person though, once i know then i just can't say no. we are planning for next june so we're around the 1 year mark now!