Thursday, December 6, 2012

a college grad

Our first Bison game together [2009]

In just one short week (wow, where does the time go?)  Lee will be graduating with a construction management degree, business administration minor, AND don't forget his most prized major in "hunter gathering."

In all seriousness, I am so proud of you leland!  Thank you for putting the time and effort into getting a degree that will help to feed a family of our own someday. I cannot wait to get all emotional and paparazzi-esque as you march up on to that stage to receive your diploma.  I'm crying right now writing this, go figure.

Some of my most favorite memories of our time together at NDSU:
  • Papa John's pizza nights (2 butter dipping sauces please)
  • Living a parking lot away from each other
  • Taking classes together (a whopping 4!)
  • Bison games- you making us get in line 18 hours early 
  • Finding a church that is so genuine and passionate about us 
  • Ice cream @ the union 
  • Bowling & trying not to make the bowling manager man mad 
  • RedBox promo codes
  • Parking tickets (none for me this year - i WIN)
  • Peeking out the sun roof off the beaten path near the runway watching airplanes take off and land
  • Trying all of the different meats you cook up (without ketchup)
  • Intramural Vball
  • Playing basketball and "lifting" together 
  • Going for walks around campus (walks that do burn calories might i add ;))
  • Catching up on The Office because we always missed it for Chi Alpha
  • The long drive back to Fargo where i usually slept and so graciously let you do the driving
  • Catfishing adventures 
  • Vikings games and chips & salsa
  • The pumpkin patch that you begged me to go to  :) 
  • Missing & skyping you while on my Europe trip 
  • Killing my first turkey and deer near Fargo both times!
  • The many movies we've seen and popcorn we've eaten at Marcus Theatres (I'm so glad you enjoy going to movies as much as me)
  • Listening to all of your hunting/fishing stories 
  • Meeting new friends and becoming better friends with you 

I am so stinkin glad i decided to transfer up here to spend our college years together! You have cheered me up during so many stressful weeks. It's going to be hard not having you up here next year, but we have so many good life happenings to look forward to.

Enjoy your last week as a "student," the real world awaits ;) 

Your Ali