Monday, June 11, 2012

Another Wedding

For the first wedding attendance in Ali & Lee history we coordinated our outfits. 
Oh yeah. It happened. We drove a total of 14 hours for our NDSU friends to be with 
them on their special day because we like them that much. Next time we're 
renting a plane. Lee would laugh and say that I barely had to drive anyways 
so I have absolutely nothing to complain about, which is true, but really why 
would I drive when he is so good at it? The lightning storm on the way home was 
very fascinating & helped Lee to stay awake. Thanks again for driving 
Mr. you know I appreciate it.  Until next time Beulah, ND. Until next time. 

P.S. Congrats Riley & Cheyenne, cheers to a life filled with laughter, 
love, country babies, & heffers (as Lee would say).

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